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Overall Summary of fedora build Fedora-Rawhide-20231106.n.0
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Flavor: KDE-live-iso

Test x86_64
apps_startstop aasetting
desktop_notifications_live desktop_notifications
toolbox toolbox

Flavor: Server-dvd-iso

Test x86_64
anaconda_help _boot_to_anaconda
install_cyrillic_language _graphical_wait_login

Flavor: Silverblue-dvd_ostree-iso

Test x86_64
anaconda_help anaconda_help
clocks help
desktop_browser desktop_browser
evince save_as
fonts aaa_setup
help_viewer _graphical_wait_login
nautilus create_directory +1
rpmostree_rebase rpmostree_rebase
weather _graphical_wait_login

Flavor: Workstation-live-iso

Test x86_64
contacts about add_contacts
desktop_printing desktop_printing
gnome_text_editor line_numbering
loupe browse
nautilus rename_file

Flavor: Workstation-upgrade

Test x86_64
contacts about add_contacts
desktop_fprint _graphical_wait_login
desktop_printing desktop_printing
gnome_text_editor line_numbering +1
maps search_location

Flavor: universal

Test x86_64
upgrade_2_server_domain_controller role_deploy_domain_controller_check