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Overall Summary of fedora build Fedora-Rawhide-20221123.n.1
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Flavor: KDE-live-iso

Test x86_64
desktop_login desktop_login

Flavor: Server-dvd-iso

Test x86_64
install_blivet_lvm_ext4@uefi _do_install_and_reboot
server_remote_logging_client server_remote_logging_client

Flavor: Silverblue-dvd_ostree-iso

Test x86_64
base_service_manipulation base_service_manipulation
base_services_start base_services_start
contacts help
install_default@uefi _graphical_wait_login
maps route search_location
nautilus help move_file_into

Flavor: Workstation-live-iso

Test x86_64
evince about
gnome_text_editor find_text new_file +3
maps about search_location
nautilus delete_file help +1

Flavor: Workstation-upgrade

Test x86_64
gnome_text_editor find_text new_file +3
maps search_location
nautilus help move_file_into

Flavor: universal

Test x86_64
install_arabic_language _graphical_wait_login
install_btrfs@uefi _console_wait_login