Created at: 2014-12-09 17:12:54.438408 (UTC)

Coverage explanatory notes: = Not tested; = Pass; = Fail; = Any combination of Pass/Fail/Warn; = 1-2 results; = 3-4 results; = 5+ results

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Test Matrix

Testcase URL Release Level Last in Coverage Details
QA:Testcase_base_initial_setupAlpha Final RC5 Details
QA:Testcase_base_startupAlpha Final RC5 Details
QA:Testcase_base_system_loggingAlpha Final RC5 Details
QA:Testcase_Services_startFinal Final RC5 Details
QA:Testcase_base_selinuxFinal Final RC5 Details
QA:Testcase_base_service_manipulationFinal Final RC5 Details